Teachers and Curriculum

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Our Teachers

Teachers and “highly qualified” as defined in the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and Teacher Assistants are trained to aid with the most highly recommended research-based teaching strategies.

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Exact Path

Students are assessed monthly using the program, “Exact Path” for Assessments for math, science, and reading as well as the reading running records to track comprehension to help them meet or exceed their grade level requirements.  Exact Path is aligned to the State and National Common Core State Standards (CCSS) as well as the NGSS science standards and has the capability to connect their lessons and assessments to the scores they receive in school on their MAP (NWEA) tests.

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Study Island

Students will also have access to a program named, “Study Island” which is incentive based where games and points are earned based on their lesson and quiz scores. With its perk, Study Island allows students to achieve learning goals 2-3 years beyond their grade level, all these assessments at no extra charge.

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Couse & Subject Overview


To help our children grow it is incredibly essential to help them develop their math basics.  Leveraging different teaching methods in assisting these establish and fortify these basics is our goal.  We want to enrich your child’s understanding for now and later.

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Understanding the world around you helps you develop into a superstar individual.  Hence, having a good grasp of the sciences through our program is the foremost objective in developing a future contributor to society.

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Language Arts

Reading, writing, and comprehension are at the foremost importance in the development of our children, young or small, from the academic standpoint.  Helping them in reading, wiring, and comprehension opens up doors that otherwise would not be accessible.  Hence, our teaching methods and the leveraging of our ESL (English as a second language) expertise helps solidify that for all members of i-Learn.

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The importance of learning a second language for those who are learning from a heritage background or a non-heritage background can be an essential tool in overall personal and career development.  We at i-Learn have perfected teaching methods for the Arabic language that will help in developing students in ways never imagined.

  • Arabic for Beginners FAQ's
  1. When does Registration Start?  Registration starts at the beginning of each month (first ten days) beginning in October 2018.  Each month a new course will be offered.
  2. When do Classes Start? The classes will commence the 15th of every month five days after registration ends.
  3. How Long is the program for?  Each course will be ten sessions each session is one month long.
  4. Cost per month? (Contract? Month to Month?) Price is a monthly $50/Month for 12 months or a prepay in full for $550
  5. Features?  We will be teaching Arabic differently, giving focus to the reading, writing proficiently but also etiquette of speaking and the vocational side of the Arabic language.
  6. What will you show in course?  Proper Arabic, starting with the basics, and moving towards a step by step approach in building vocabulary, familiarity with the writing, reading and vocational side of the Arabic language.
  7. Test Schedule?  Monthly assessment that will be the premise which the student moves to the next session.
  8. Homework Schedule, if any?  Yes, weekly scheduled homework, 1-2 hours or self-independent work.
  9. Video Conferencing classes? How often?  Yes, twice per week they will attend a class.
  10. One on One Time, yes or no? How often?  One on one time is once per month with the parent present 30-minute sessions.
  11. Sample Assignments?  Understanding your surroundings by verbalizing, writing and then reading (expressing) the scenarios, environments, and situations.
  12. Sample Etiquette or of other learning goals? How to order or Request food in a restaurant.  How to purchase products from a market.  How to interact during life events (Funerals, Weddings, Events, etc.)
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English ESL

Universally leveraged worldwide English is a necessary language.  Understanding this language as a second language or even as a primary language will be a foremost objective and offering with i-Learn centers.  Using ESL (English as a second language) based software and methods in helping those wanting to learn or develop their English skills will be an essential pillar of the i-Learns objective of student development.

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