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Virtual Learning Center

  • The virtual learning center will provide the following services:

      Access to the online resource and curriculum updated in a paced method allowing for steady yet expeditious progress for the student.

      The online resource involved access to two academic online software’s

      Forum and Chats to text, type and voice discuss with the instructor of the resource.

      Educational Games

      Remind Application – used for texting directly the instructor with any questions from parents and students.

      Worksheets, guides and other tools necessary for reinforcement

      Tests, assessments necessary to gauge progress

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Assesment Details

Students will be assessed using the Exact Path program at no charge on a weekly, bi-weekly, to monthly basis based on their academic needs, all at no extra charge.

Students will be assessed on their reading level including comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and vocabulary skills based on the discretion of their tutor. Student levels will require different intervals of assessment. Learners 2-3 years below grade level will need to be tested weekly, one year below grade level bi-weekly, and students at or above grade level monthly with a passing score of 80% proficiency. These specific reading assessments will incur an additional charge of $25 per test.

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Special Needs

 1. Teacher and tutors are capable of accommodating assignments, levels of difficulty, pacing for their learning path as well as extended resources as needed per student.

2.  We have teachers/instructors that can accommodate and modify work for students with special needs as various factors such as IEP goals and requirements assisting these students with their individualized goals from their school. Students with special needs are required to have one to one instructional guidance and it is important you bring to the attention of the administrators of this program.

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